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Varicose veins can be treated with a minimally invasive, non-surgical, in office procedure called ClosureFAST for resolving venous reflux and varicose veins. ClosurFAST, uses radiofrequency energy to seal the vein from within. This stops the reflux and eliminates painful symptoms. Ultrasound guidance is used throughout the procedure to visualize your superficial venous system and direct a tiny catheter into the diseased vein to gently heat and seal the refluxing vein segment(s).  

After the vein is sealed shut, blood then naturally reroutes to healthy veins. The treated veins will shrink over time and be absorbed by the body.

The Closure procedure provides the following benefits for patients:


  • Minimally Invasive Outpatient Procedure.

Closure catheters are inserted into the vein via a tiny incision in the lower leg, eliminating the need for groin surgery and general anesthesia. The Closure procedure can be performed using local anesthesia in a physician’s office, as well as in an outpatient hospital setting or surgery center.

  • Clinically Proven Less Post-Operative Pain.

The Closure procedure does not involve pulling the diseased vein from the thigh as with vein stripping surgery, or using 700° C laser energy which boils blood to occlude a vein as with endovenous laser (EVL).  In the RECOVERY Trial, a multi-center head-to-head comparative randomized trial comparing the Closure procedure with EVL, the Closure procedure was found to have less patient pain and less patient bruising than EVL for the best patient recovery experience available from a minimally invasive vein treatment.   Additionally, in other randomized comparative studies have shown that patients receiving the Closure procedure return to normal activity and work significantly faster than those receiving vein stripping.

  • Excellent Clinical Outcomes.

The ClosureFAST catheter, which represents the latest advancement in the Closure procedure, has been shown in a multi-center study to have a 97.4 efficacy rate at one-year.11 This shows that the treatment is highly effective and, as proven in the RECOVERY trial, is gentle on the patient.

  • Cosmetically Appealing.

Because treatment with Closure is minimally invasive and is catheter-based, it results in little to no scarring. As with any medical procedure, you are encouraged to review all safety information associated with the procedure by consulting your physician.

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Compare Treatment Options

In a head-to-head trial versus laser and stripping, the Radiofrequency Venefit Closure Procedure provided the Best Patient Recovery Experience and Outcome.

Radiofrequency ClosureFAST?

Collagen contraction resulting in a fibrotic seal

Endovenous Laser

Boiling of blood resulting in a thrombotic occlusion

Vein Stripping Surgery

Stripping- Surgical removal and legation

Patient Discomfort After Procedure
Laser Ablasion (EVLA)
Patient Bruising After Procedure
VNUS ClosureFAST? 2%
Laser Ablasion (EVLA) 51%
Surgical Stripping 19%
Return to Normal Activity within 24 hours
VNUS ClosureFAST? 88%
Laser Ablasion (EVLA) 51%
Surgical Stripping 19%

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Excellent Clinical Outcomes

The ClosureFast catheter has been shown in a prospective, international multi-center study to be 93% effective for varicose vein treatment at three years using Kaplan Meier analysis.

The RF Ablation procedure is performed as a medical necessity as diagnosed by a trained vein specialist. It is not a direct treatment for spider veins or cosmetic issues, However successful treatment would produce significant cosmetic improvements.

Las Vegas Varicose Vein Treatment

Potential Side Effects

Although, radiofrequency ablation of the veins is considered to be a very safe procedure, this  like any other procedure may have some potential risks, which we try to minimize. The most important complication risk is deep venous thrombosis (DVT). However, since this is a known phenomenon we have a number of preventive steps that if were followed well the risks  would significantly be minimized. Other less serious but potential risks include cellulitis/infection, skin burn, some blood loss, bruising, mild pain and numbness/tingling in the treated area.  In our experience, majority of our patients have enjoyed a wonderful benefit by undergoing this minimally invasive procedure.

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Patient Testimonial

Graduated Compression Stocking

The use of compression is a conservative measure. It does not cure varicose veins of the legs, although it may relieve symptoms and prevent worsening.

Types of compression stockings

Graduated or medical compression stockings

  • Graduated compression stockings exert the greatest degree of compression at the ankle, and the level of compression gradually decreases up the garment
  • They are often used to treat chronic venous disease and edema
  • They are designed for ambulatory patients and are manufactured under strict medical and technical specifications, including consistency and durability, to provide a specific level of ankle pressure and graduation of compression

Antiembolism stockings

  • Antiembolism stockings are used to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis
  • Like graduation compression stockings, they provide gradient compression
  • They are designed for bedridden patients and do not meet the technical specifications for use by ambulatory patients
  • Although the terms “antiembolism stockings” and “graduated compression hosiery” are often used interchangeably and both types of stockings offer graduated compression, they have different levels of compression and indications

Nonmedical support hosiery

  • Nonmedical support hosiery, including flight socks and elastic support stockings, are often used to provide relief for tired, heavy and aching legs
  • They usually exert considerably less compression than graduated compression stockings
  • The compression is uniform and not graduated
  • They do not need to meet the strict medical and technical specifications as those of graduated compression stockings
  • They can often be bought over the counter without a prescription


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